Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

My Little Magic Fairy World ( english )

the tutorial, written with PI X3 
there should be no problems there be another version rework 
the copyright for the tutorial, lies solely with me © raubkatze
because it arose out of my own fantasy. 

you need this material 
the kit is of Graphics of Fantasy 
and that there are 

a suitable main tube 
my tube is Zlata_M 
the tubes together with license you can purchase here 

A huge thank you goes out to the hard-working hobbyist & Tuber of the tubes groups which I belong. 
The watermark of each tube is contained in the tubes. 
The © remains with the respective original 

open an image 800 x 800 
copy the mask and paste 
use for your elements a slight drop shadow

then let's get started 

1. open fairy world 7 we move it to the bottom right 

2. opening fairy world 43 and shove it in the center 
(Go look at my preview) 

3. open fairy world 42 change the size to 275 x 351 and put it on the left member 43 

4. open fairy world 124 change the size to 220 x 346 and move it to the top in the middle 

5 open fairy world 61 change the size to 800 x 150 and shove it down 

6. open fairy world 123 change the size to 233 x 196 and move it to the bottom left 

7. open fairy world 65 change the size to 410 x 666 and shove it right up 

8. open fairy world 31 change the size to 210 x 330 and move it to the bottom right 

9. open fairy world 75 change the size to 175 x 249 and move it to the right in the middle 

10. open fairy world 38 change the size to 215 x 212 and putting it off element 43 

11. open fairy world turn edit 125 and reflect change the size to 230 x 283 and shove it in the Layer Manager, eight levels down 

12. open fairy world 21 change the size to 220 x 225 and shove it down in the middle 

13. open fairy world 132 change the size to 115 x 130 and shove it down 

14. open fairy world 119 change the size to 165 x 160 and move it to the bottom right 

15. open fairy world 73 change the size to 200 x 171 and move it to the left 
Turn edit duplicate and flip and slide it to the right 
(Go look at my preview) 

16. open fairy world 27 change the size to 110 x 108 and move it to the left 

open your tube (mine is from Zlata_M) 
and move it to the right 

Select all objects as 
Embed a single object 
and sharpen 

copy and your sign on it 

* finished * 

I hope it has given you so much fun like me

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