Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

tuturial ( Fourth of july ) in english

the tutorial, written with PI X3 
there should be no problems there be another version rework 
the copyright for the tutorial, lies solely with me © raubkatze
because it arose out of my own fantasy. 

nötigst this material 
the PTU kit from Hania Design 
and because there are 

a suitable main tube 
my is from © Misticheskaya their tubes together with license you can purchase here 

A huge thank you goes out to the hard-working hobbyist & Tuber of the tubes groups which I belong. 
The watermark of each tube is contained in the tubes. 
The © remains with the respective original artist. 

Now let us begin 
1. open element 25 resize to 800 x 182 and shove it down 

2. open element 79 resize to 450 x 705 and paste it left 

3. open element 11 resize to 380 x 211 and shove it down 

4. open element 37 resize to 820 x 295 and shove it in the Layer Manager all the way down

5. open element 13 and resize to 470 x536 push it to the right 

6. open element 9 change the size to 240 x 244 and move it to the left 

(Go look at my preview) 

7. open element 77 resize to 350 x 507 10% turn it to the left and move it to the right 

now open your tube and move them to the center 
(go look at my preview) 

8. open element 64 resize to 122 x169 and shove it down 

9. open element 96 and resize to 84 x 184 and shove it down 

10. open element 67 resize to 180 x 151 and shove it down 

11. open element 4 resize to 160 x 162 and move it to the left 

12. open element 14 resize to 75 x 123 and move it to the left 

13. open element 47 resize to 226 x 624 schiebes it in the center and 
in the Layer Manager all the way down 
(Go look at my preview) 

14. open element 52 resize to 125 x 155 and move it to the bottom right 

15. open element 29 resize to 125 x 148 and move it to the bottom right 

16. open element 57 resize to 120 x 123 and shove it down 

17. open element 83 resize to 130 x 91 and shove it right down 

18. open element 98 resize to 90 x 85 and shove it down 

collect all objects 
integrated as a single object 

copy and your sign on it 

I hope it has given you so much fun like me

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