Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

4 th july summer

the tutorial, written with PI X3
there should be no problems there be another version rework
the copyright for the tutorial, lies solely with me © cat,
because it arose out of my own fantasy.

you need this material
the PTU kit from Creationz Chachaz
and because there are


a suitable main tube
my is from © Trinita their tubes together with license you can purchase here

A huge thank you goes out to the hard-working hobbyist & Tuber of the tubes groups which I belong.
The watermark of each tube is contained in the tubes.
The © remains with the respective original artist.

open an image 800 x 800 
copy the mask and paste

let us begin 

1. opening member 9 and move it to the bottom right 

2. open element 4 and move it to the bottom left 

3. open element 32 and move it to the center 
in the Layer Manager under item 4 
(Look in my preview) 

4. open element 8 REDUCTION it to 165 x 67 push it down,
 duplicate and move it next to it, duplicate again and move to the right 

5. open element 15 REDUCTION it to 155 x 179 and shove it down 

6. open element 20 REDUCTION it to 150 x 162
 and pushing it in the Layer Manager under item 4 

7. open element 10 REDUCTION it to 210 x 138 and shove it down 
(Go look at my preview 9 

8. open element 45 enlarged it to 585 x 615 pushing it to the top left 
in the Layer Manager all the way down 

9. open element 17 REDUCTION it to 200 x 203 and move it to the top right 

10 open element 37 REDUCTION it to 120 x 124 and move it to the bottom left 

11. open element 24 REDUCTION it to 130 x 209 and move it to the right 
(Go look at my preview) 

12. open element 11 and REDUCTION it to 50 x 77 and shove it down 

13. open element 40 REDUCTION it to 210x 196 and move it to element 4 

14. open element 35 resize to 800 x 100 and shove it in the Layer Manager all the way down 

now open your tube 
I have taken two of Trinita 

and put them on your image right where you would like to have it 

Select embed all objects as a single object 

Copy and your sign on it 

I hope it has given you so much fun like me

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